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Alex Oliveira of Prediq and DadPreneur Podcast joins us for an awesome interview! Paladin Global Market's Online Business Podcast

Alex Oliveira of Prediq and DadPreneur Podcast (https://dadpreneur.co/) always brings his A-game packed with energy. He's generated 22 million leads for over 3,000 SMB's and many Fortune 500's like Ford, Allstate and many others. His expertise is in the Digital Marketing space which has allowed him to teach an MBA program at FAU and train Marketing Directors at global corporations.  He's managed thousands of campaigns across Social Media, Search Engines, Email and many other channels. He shares powerful tips on what's new and what works to generate more leads and grow a business. To learn how he generated over 20 million leads go to Alex's website and download his free eBook: The Ultimate Guide for Online Lead Generation. https://www.prediq.io/online-leadgeneration-ebook/ Tools mentioned in podcast: Census Tool: https://www.census.gov/data/data-tools.html Google Survey: https://support.google.com/surveys/answer/2372144?hl=en Thanks for listening!  Michelle Hougland Paladin Global Market I also have some Free Guides to enhance your online business journey, if interested please see below. FREE GUIDE: My top 10 Most Profitable things to resell online as an Ebay Powerseller: https://paladinglobalmarket.clickfunnels.com/optinmv2octtd Check out our YouTube Podcast channel: http://bit.ly/PaladinPodcastYouTubeChannel To connect with all things Paladin: https://linktr.ee/PaladinGlobalMarket FREE GUIDE: Supplies needed to start your own online reselling business?: https://paladinglobalmarket.clickfunnels.com/supplies-needed-to-start-an-online-reselling-business3cjrqo2z If you are considering having your own Podcast, then Podmatch is a huge piece to your puzzle for success. Alex Sanfilippo has been a friend of my husband and I for many years and he created this amazing free tool: Podmatch that has supercharged my Podcast.  I cannot say enough great things about this platform. If you would like to join for free, then tell them that I sent you by signing up through my free link: https://podmatch.com/signup/paladinglobalmarket My YouTube channel grew quickly after I started using Vid IQ to help optimize my videos, tags, keyword research and more through this amazing service. They have free options and premium services you can upgrade too if needed.  You can tell them that I sent you by signing up through my free link at: https://vidiq.com?afmc=641 Thanks for watching, listening and reading our podcast. For more help in your online business, feel free to reach out at growthacademy@paladinglobalmarket.com Make the most of your time, Life is precious! Michelle Hougland Paladin Global Market — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. https://anchor.fm/app — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/paladinglobalmarket/message Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/paladinglobalmarket/support
  1. Alex Oliveira of Prediq and DadPreneur Podcast joins us for an awesome interview!
  2. Exciting changes with our online business and revealing new things on the Horizon to help you grow and be your best.
  3. The Great Resignation 2021 (People quitting their jobs in record numbers & some are doing that to start their own business.)
  4. Deciding to be a Full Time Entrepreneur is like taking a leap off a high diving board. Let's talk about it!
  5. Ecommerce Launch, Grow, Scale Virtual Summit Free Ticket and 33 Ecommerce Expert Lineup

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